Why the government forbid the casino, instead of legalizing

The theme of gambling is ambiguous. In many countries for several years there have been legislative bans on online casinos. Nevertheless, gamblers continue to play and make a profit, they are given bonuses from Volcanoes and other well-known brands, they break jackpots. The issues of legalization of excitement are of interest not only to players, but also to many political forces. After all, the online gaming industry is a sphere where billions of dollars turn. So, this is a good source of revenue to the budget. With competent cooperation, the state and gambling companies can benefit.
So why do virtual entertainment on the Web still remain illegal? Let’s try to figure this out.

While some get pleasure and money from gambling, others continue to believe in the “horror stories” and myths that surround this sphere. So, here are the main reasons why online gaming clubs are still illegal:
Visitors with time develop pathological dependence on excitement;
In fact, not every gambler becomes addicted. Enthusiasm is determined by the individual characteristics of a person. In addition, casino sites often feature useful recommendations for beginners: how to control their emotions during the game, how to correctly bet and when to stop. Dependence develops because of wrong actions of the person, but in any way because of club.

In the game involved children;
In fact, those who have not reached adulthood, can try out machines only in a test. To enter and withdraw real money, the user must register. In the process, he specifies personal data, including the date of birth. In this case, the administration can request copies of identity documents (and, more often than not, actually requests). Without these documents you cannot withdraw funds. If in the personal data the unreliability will be found out – the account in general will block. Therefore, underage players are unlikely to become full gamblers. At least in licensed, eminent clubs.

Online casino – sucks out money, it is impossible to win.

A common myth – from gambling, only the club earns profit. If everything was kept only on the excitement of users, without monetary reinforcement, such resources would quickly cease to exist. But they are thriving and every year there are more regular users.
All because really won money is quietly withdrawn from the casino. In addition, each playground tries to offer its guests the best conditions, all kinds of bonuses, prizes, cashbacks and loyalty programs.
Those who do not succumb to emotions and make bets with the mind – not only receive joy and relaxation, but also a pleasant monetary increase. Therefore, excitement should not be feared, it is much more useful to curb it and send it into a constructive channel.